Design Society Risk SIG shaping up nicely

A bit over a year ago, I started the Special Interest Group on Risk Management Processes and Methods at the Design Society.

The group is shaping up very nicely:

  • We created a website for the SIG to provide “one-stop-shopping” for information about the group and hosting our information resources for ¬†academics.
  • We now have over 40 members from around the world, which is a great number one year into the game.
  • We created a shared and open literature database with over 130 key references on risk management in product design and development.
  • We are holding regular (monthly) online meetings that have developed into a great forum for presenting and discussing research ideas and research in progress

If you have any interested in risk management in the context of product design and the management of engineering programs, please join us. The focus of the group is on the academic community, but we welcome members from industry as well (if you are willing to put up with all the academics!).