Invited Talk at University of Twente’s CuriousU Summer School

CuriousUI was invited by the University of Twente to speak at their annual “CuriousU” summer school, a combination of “classic” academic summer school and summer festival (university adminstrators, take note, it seemed like a lot of fun!).

I spend half a day with a group of students discussing: “When Wind Farms Cause Cancer – Public Perception of Engineering Megaproject Risks”. Topics included:

  • Megaprojects and risk: Why big engineering projects are hard to get right
  • Engineering view of risk: Playing by the numbers
  • Cognitive Biases: The evolutionary heritage of a 200’000 year old brain
  • Social Movement and Social Movement Organization: Why humans take collective action, and how we are being manipulated into it
  • Psychometric risk assessment: Numbers don’t matter for how afraid we are of something
  • Discussion and workshop: Industry, Politics, Media, NGOs –Who cares about an informed, fact-based dialogue? Should we be worried? What is our responsibility as the educated elite?

You can download the extended description of the session here.

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